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 The Court Chamber in the town of. Plovdiv is located in the center of the city - on Blvd. "167 Sixth September. The map illustrates the location and transport access to the court buildings:

The courthouse is a complex of buildings, schematically depicted as follows:

  - Block A: a six-storey administrative building with entrance No. 1 - central / from ul. The first floor of the building is occupied by the offices and registries of the Court of Appeal and the District Court, those of the criminal division of the District Court, as well as courtrooms. On the second floor are the offices of the appellate judges and on the third and fourth floors those of the district and circuit judges. On the ground floor, in addition to the courtroom, is the barristers' room.

  - Block B: a two-storey administrative building with entrance No 3 / from ul. The courtrooms are located here.

  - Block C: a five-storey administrative building with entrance No 2 /from ul. The building houses courtrooms, the offices of the civil and matrimonial chambers of the District Court and the State bailiffs.

   - Block D: a two-storey building occupied by the District Judicial Security Unit.

  Parking and traffic on the street. "Parking and parking are prohibited. In accordance with Regulation No 1/2003 of the Minister of Justice, upon admission to the court buildings, lawyers must prove their identity with a valid lawyer's card, participants in the proceedings with an identity card and a summons, and citizens with an identity card and a single-use pass. At all entrances, these documents are checked by the Judicial Security authorities and a scanner is passed to check for the presence of generally dangerous means. If an entrant refuses such a check, he/she may be denied access to the courthouse. There is an office of the Central Cooperative Bank JSC in the Court House /Block C, entrance No. 2 of the boulevard. "Sixth of September", which accepts deposits of state fees and other payments every working day, from 08:30 to 16:30.

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